Die erfahrensten Haarexperten der Türkei

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Dr. Yetkin Bayer

Aesthetic & Medical DR. YETKİN BAYER graduated from the Medicine Faculty of Edirne of Trakya University in 1990 in TÜRKİYE. After he worked as a medical doctor in Afyon Province to complete his compulsory service for two years


He settled down in California, USA in 1992. He specialized on hair transplantation and realized hair transplantation in California County. During his staying ten years in USA, He participated in many training seminars and conferences such as Mesotherapy, Carboxytheraphy, Peeling, Botox and Fiiling Appliances, Microdermabrasion, Laser Treatments (Epilation, to Tattoo and and Tattoo Erasement, Capillary Treatment, Skin Anti –ageing and Birthmark, Macula and Ageing Marks Treatments in the field of Medical Aesthetic.


Currently, He has been working in Turkey as a prominent hair transplant and medical aesthetic doctor certified by the Health Ministry of The Turkish Government  for years


Medical & Aesthetic Dr. YETKİN BAYER realized many studies on how to perform natural hair/fue plantation by spending much time of his professional career due to his own curiosity on this hair plantation. He himself has developed and that relies completely on hand manipulation. He has obtained results that are very successful and  almost impossible to differentiate from the original hair with the  semi lateral oblique canals ( the holes that the hair follicle grafts are placed) technique that saves his patients from having a corn planted man image. His clinical results have generated interests at many countries and has been giving training to colleques from all over the world.




To reply with a realistic understanding to all your needs and expectations by providing all effective treatment technics, equipment and facilities in the field of Medical & Aesthetic field. On principle, he never applies any treatment that unsecure, unmeasurable, and unclear to his patients. He follows up all improvements and developments cloesly in the field of Medical & Aesthetic in the World, and he aims to give service to his patients in accordance with latest modernity.




As being a faithful, loyal doctor to Hippocratic Oath, to be able to present the most reliable treatment methods, to give accurate, exact information to his patients and to get excellent results by guiding them realistic expects.