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ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration

ARTAS is the first and world’s only Robotic Hair Transplant system that is FDA approved, physician-assisted technology for permanent natural hair transplantation. BestFue clinics in Turkey offer ARTAS as a method of innovative hair restoration.

Hair Transplant Patient recipients of ARTAS hair restoration technology reap the advantages of pain-free, natural looking results, and a rapid recovery without scaring.

What is ARTSAS Robotic F.U.E

ARTAS Robotic F.U.E is an automated physician guided procedure to perform follicular unit extraction.

The automated process of extraction enables surgeons to perform F.U.E with unprecedented meticulous precision and consistency which allows for maximum hair follicle preservation.

ARTAS Robotic F.U.E offers comparable advantages in results that manual F.U.E procedures offer, and understanding how robotic hair follicle extraction works will help you to decide which F.U.E technique is best for you.

ARTAS for Hair Restoration

ARTAS Robotic Follicular unit extraction allows the surgeon to harvest the follicular unit from the donor region of the scalp without the use of a scalpel and therefore this procedure is fully automated.

During the procedure for innovative robotic hair follicle extraction, under the guidance of a surgeon, a sophisticated surgical software scans and computes a small area of the scalp to identify and record each hair using complex software patterning, and bespoke, stereoscopic surgical cameras.  The cameras and intelligent image processing software allow the computer inside the robot to identify the hair follicles.

Each follicular unit from the donor region is then automatically isolated one by one and selectively extracted from the patient’s scalp with nominal trauma to the hair follicle, and skin surrounding the donor region.

The system robotic software continually tracks the location of the hair follicles and is able to automatically adjust to compensate any movement from the patient, even a slight as breathing movement.

During ARTSAS Robotic hair transplant extraction 100s or 1000s of hair follicle units are separated from the donor region which is highly repetitive and labor intensive work.

When F.U.E is conducted manually this means great concentration and manual precision have to be adhered to by the surgeon which naturally means that there is more room for human error.

Innovative robotic technology removes the human error element to fully automate separating the follicular units from the scalp with exacting precision.

The last step of the FUE procedure is placing the extracted follicular units into the donor region and this is conducted by the surgeon.

Advantages of ARTAS Robotic F.U.E

BestFue clinics in Turkey offer ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration to our patients. The main advantage is that no linear scar is created on the back and sides of the patient’s scalp and the recovery time is significantly shortened.

Patients also experience noticeably less discomfort than other procedures and with less physical restrictions that follow after a traditional linear strip procedure.

ARTAS Robotic Hair transplants also allow the patient to wear very short hairstyles, which is a well-known limitation of the traditional procedures.

Typically innovative robotic technology yields more hair than traditional transplants, leaving you with a natural, fuller head of hair that lasts a lifetime.

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