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Stem Cells and PRP Therapy

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What is a Stem Cell?

Stem Cells are identical biological cells found in various tissue in the human body. Stem cells have the ability to separate and form into functional cells that divide and multiply to produce more stem cells.

There are three distinguished sources of adult stem cells that are found in bone marrow, lipid cells and human blood.

In medical therapies, stem cells can be harvested and artificially cultivated into functional cells that produce more stem cells which share the same characteristics as cells within the body.

Stem cell therapy is used to treat medical conditions and prevent disease.

Stem cells for hair restoration

Stem cell hair transplant is a safe, and effective method of hair restoration that does not extract the entire hair follicle from the scalp during follicular extraction.

Instead, several stem cells are left connected to the scalp to stimulate new growth in the donor region, and the other stem cells cultured in a lab and transplanted into the treatment region 2-3 weeks later. The entire process is complete after 2-6 sessions.

Transplanted hair stem cells generate the same quality hair as the existing hair at the donor region and will grow back at the same density and results are permanent.

Stem cell hair restoration results

The final result can be seen after a full hair growth cycle of approximately nine months.

The results with Best Fue stem cell transplant procedure are amazing. Procedures are usually almost 100% successful allowing excellent coverage on the bald regions. Since it allows hair regrowth in the donor area, there will be no scars leaving patients with a totally natural looking scalp and a full head of hair.

The recovery time from the procedure is minimal and most patients get back to work 5 days post surgery.

Many patients that contact BestFue are excited to learn that we offer stem cell therapy that can be utilized in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to maximise results.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a purification of platelet-rich plasma protein that has been processed to remove red blood cells.

Unlike whole blood, Platelet-rich Plasma in purified form has an increased concentration of growth components that are used to stimulate a quick healing response.

During the process of whole blood purification, the patient’s blood is drawn, as though having a blood test; the blood is the spun to a high concentration in a sterile centrifuge until it is 3 times the normal blood value.

PRP for hair restoration

During the procedure, the patient’s scalp is anaesthetised and the PRP concentrate is injected into the scalp.

Following the treatment, the patient’s scalp is washed and the treatment is complete.

In the area of hair restoration, evidence supports PRP injection therapy as a promising nonsurgical treatment option to promote hair growth and is a positive option for hair loss patients. PRP treatment is available at all BestFue clinics in Turkey.