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Body Hair Transplation

What is body hair transplant?

Body Hair to scalp restoration is the procedure where body hair grafts are used as donor hairs to help fill areas of hair loss.

Through F.U.E, hair can be harvested from the beard, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, and legs.

BestFue Hair Transplantation partnered clinics in Turkey are one of a very small number of clinics that offer body hair transplantation as an effective donor source when scalp donor hair graft extraction is not possible; usually because of previous use of donor regions on the scalp, or to harvest a larger number of follicular units.

Traditionally large masses of hair loss patients were turned away and deemed not suitable for hair transplantation due to severe baldness and lack of a healthy donor region to cover wide spread scalp.

For decades hair transplant surgeons harvested hair from only the patients head which provided a donor supply of approximately 5-7,000 follicles.

Procedure for body hair to Scalp transplant

In a person with severe baldness only a tenth of hair could be replaced when using only the scalp as a donor source and as a result, the overall appearance of the hair transplant was not aesthetically pleasing.

Today, the results that can be achieved with BestFue body hair to head transplantation is remarkable and this choice allows boundless volumes of donor hair collection.

Though, surprisingly many patients frequently have severe baldness because of the implications of scaring from previous hair transplantation techniques used.

Often is the case that patients, through lack of research, do not understand the long-term effects of scaring due to the surgical techniques used, and instead of paying slighter higher costs for a better treatment outcome find out the consequences years later when the appearance of stretched out scaring manifests significant unsightly marking outlines of where the scalp strip has been extracted.

Results of body hair to Scalp transplant

BestFue body to scalp grafts are minimally invasive and there is no need for staples or stitches and scaring is very minimal. In cases where patients have scaring from F.U.T, body to scalp transplantation to cover old donor implantation site scarring can have a better visual effect.

Other benefits of hair to body transplantation are to change the texture of the hairline, some patients feel self-conscious about a dense hairline and opt for a finer density of hair from the body, usually the leg to refine and shape a more appealing and natural hairline.

Though Body hair harvesting applies the same F.U.E technique, the varying angles of body hair mean that the process requires a much higher skill than usual and this takes longer than all other procedures.

Body hair to scalp transplantation is not of the distinction as scalp hair transplantation and therefore the outcome of blend between the two different hair textures and growth length potential will differ; however, BestFue hair transplantation experts have unparalleled experience in knowing which hairs to use and where and best blends for a most natural permanent look.